Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Stress Rid for all Mistresses by Mamuzo Nwokoro

A letter to all Mistresses by Mamuzo Ogbeta Nwokoro (picture above).  You'll be doing yourself a great favour by reading this letter line after line to the end. I'm short of words to describe the unbiased and matured presentation of her views. Have a good read after the cut and for once I ask you to please share this information with others. There are many more people it could help reform. 

You must be lonely seeing how you want to befriend another woman’s man. I understand that you are desperate for love or maybe wealth but do not let your cravings push you into self-destruction.

Can I point to you that true happiness cannot be gotten from chasing men using the instrumentality of your ‘feminine-hood.’ Men who make time to lie with you spend the time to keep their daughters from the path you are treading. Isn’t it a sheer waste of time trying hard to win the heart of a man that is already taken by a wife or children who you will forever be in competition with? Even if you succeed in casting a spell on him and make him lose the taste for her, his true love will never be you.

Truth is, men may be weak sexually but do not underestimate their strength in searching for true value which for them is a greater adventure than the temporal ecstasy you bring.

Do you know that the efforts you make in stripping yourself to entice him are far more than the efforts you require to wait for your own God given man? Have you counted the cost of making more enemies than your slender shoulders can possibly bear and what about the repercussion of breaking God’s divine order?

Have you considered that while you are preoccupied scheming to get his attention and affection, you become oblivious of the one who should be yours? Time is passing. Time never waits. Soon you will be left alone, all by yourself to face the cold, tough world. No one to call you ‘Mine’, or ‘Mummy’, only bittersweet memories of a love that you sought in the wrong place. Perhaps, you succeeded in bearing his fruits and maybe forced your way to take a seat in his home but your heart will constantly remind you, you only stole the spot you do not own it.

You are a pretty woman and maybe smart too but touting this path will only give you at best, second place. Why put your life to waste when you can be more and better too. Think about how you are silently consumed by the fear of losing, the fear that keeps overriding your hope for a secure future.

Let the woman in you rise. You have hidden your real beauty and grace under the cloak of desperation for too long. Tear off the fa├žade and wear the smile that reveals your charm. Show off your gentility, your diligence and patience. Let go of the booty and place premium value on your body. Respect your body - Adorn yourself with fine decent clothing. Let your style be elegant because you are nothing less of a DIVA.

Put your hands to work, put your work in your head. Take charge of your emotions and become the CEO of your cravings. - If you go for everything you crave for, your cravings will become the driver of your life.

You deserve to be respected, loved and cared for but you have to present yourself respectable, loveable and worthy of titivation. You can be complete in yourself. You do not have to find completeness in a man. Your whole self is to complement a whole man. Never make the mistake of building your personality around a man. Develop your persona so that you can rub off your shine on your man when he does find you and when you do know that he is the one who is worth every second of your wait.

Get busy polishing your potentials, reawakening those lost passions and dreams and begin digging deeper into yourself so you can find the momentum to live the beautiful dreams you once had. Live life to the fullest with the utmost contentment of the things you have knowing that the things you want will come to you in the nick of time.

Love you, truly love you and patiently wait for true love in the right place with the right person.


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  1. Yeh. Though sometimes you find people especially ladies in this. For sure they might be facing pressures of various kind, from society, home . even in the church. I personally believe that societial pressure is the greatest among them. Today evils are prune to society. If your neighbors daughter get married, after few day even your own parents will be looking at you commonly, I know of a case where the mother told her daughter that she is a shame just because she is still single at 33. The worse is when some younger ones got married ahead of you. Notwithstanding, thank God for your blog. At lest some can learn and be encouraged in the Lord.