Sunday, September 25, 2016

What can get you DOWN to DROWN in Life’s Sorrow? Nothing after getting personal with this man.

There’s no challenge great enough to stop you from making use of your God given talent. That’s exactly what Simeon Djagbo popularly known by his ministry name as KLIN BASS because of his expertise in playing the bass guitar. 

It is quite easy to assume an accident probably was what took his palm and fingers but no, he was born like this. However, that didn’t stop him from achieving great goals. He is a Masters degree holder (Information science). Yes! He does everything with his hand just the way it is.

I was opportune to speak with him briefly:
Me: Why did you choose the bass guitar?
Klinbass: I derive pleasure in playing that particular instrument
Me: Do you play other instruments
Klinbass: Yes! I play drum and keyboard too

Me: How was it like when you started?
Klinbass: It wasn’t smooth but God made it possible. I based my life on the scripture “with God all things are possible, Matthew 19:26”.
Me: Did you ever doubt yourself?
Klinbass: No, anything God creates is perfect. That’s what kept me going.
Me: What have you got to tell others with any form of challenge?
Klinbass: Be positive because God works with positive minds.

What's your excuse? I pray you find none when next you need to make use of your talent in magnifying the name of the Lord. You can be the best He has made you to be.

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