Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Broody on Body Indulgence.

Have you ever wondered about the ease of forgiveness with the body contact? How a man and wife will get to connect to make up after a heated argument in the “other room” style? *laughs*.  Why in your school days (primary most especially) you refused to let your seat mate body come in contact with yours when you feel offended? Think a moment and I hope you’ll realise this is because “people can only really forgive each other with their bodies”.

Let’s review a similar example during the second presidential debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. There were lots of personal issues revolving around sexual scandal hours before the debate. The mutual feeling of offense was so intense both couldn’t carry out the civil act of a handshake before the commencement of the debate as predicted by journalists. But they were able to do that when the debate ended on a pleasant note of them talking about that one thing they admire in one another.

I do know many people insist on a handshake or a hug after settling dispute between individuals. The body contact is to send a warm acceptance to ease the hurtful feelings. So, when you find yourself in an unforgivable or forgivable circumstance do the following:
Simplify: “Part of an individual greatness is in his simplicity. He or she could be simple because he/she is not afraid”. Yes! People find it difficult to apologise because they fear it’ll be refused. Others find it hard to accept apology because they fear they might be seen weak and apology will cover up even for re-occurrences. Simply, don’t hold back when you need to apologise even if the person deserves it or not. Haven’t you been told “it is basically for your own peace?” and accept and let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.
Think of the scripture: Scripturally, Jesus body was severally marred before he died for our sins Isaiah 53:5, John 19. You do know when they say someone died; it indicates his soul left the body. That’s was how Jesus the son of the Most High God subjected his body to all manners of strips so that in his death and resurrection we could receive forgiveness and be victorious over sin and the devil vices. Praise God!
Move: Holding a grudge gives more ache than terminal disease. Because you lack the awareness of how it is gradually killing you. You know each heart beat you missed whenever you see the person is reducing your pleasurable existence. Hopefully, you won’t wait in old age for a heart attack to forgive and roll the burden off your shoulders.
Get close: This is mostly necessary with people that comes in contact regularly. When you get over that argument get to truly talk and learn to know each other better. That will breed a better understanding between the individuals involved. The closeness sometimes is natural. One’s friendship gets more enjoyable after each fight because of the knowledge of how each one could hurt another and the avoidance of such scene will sweeten the relationship.
Seriously! I can’t just help it even when I intend to write few words. Forgive me and I pray to get better in reducing the words or you accept me for it. Love you for being here and many blessings.


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