Friday, October 14, 2016

A Cruse for Abuse!

Reaction or response to any action is completely individualised.  What happens to an individual will go a long way in shaping his or her life. In what form becomes the question that could be answered offensively, defensively or forgivably. This response will to a great extent determine the negative or positive shape such an individual life will take.

This serves as means to protect one’s being in most cases from reoccurrence.  Two women were abused at some point in their lives. One survived by forgiving her abuser, got married, had children and taught them how much the love of the Lord could be their protective gear. Also, teaching people the way to enjoy everyday life. Yes, a great preacher of the gospel, Joyce Meyer,  who as the Lord’s mouth piece has brought healing to a sick world. Not everyone has or might be reached but those the Lord Jesus has touched could testify. I can!
The case isn’t the same with the other, who today can’t stand the touch of a man and ended turning herself to a man and getting married to a fellow woman like her. She is the husband. She might not be my or your kind of Christian but I have to admit in her own way she has inspired many through her 'shows'. Made some to realise they could be the best they set out to be in life and celebrates those that have achieved success. Yes, Ellen DeGeneres the abused teen is today a celebrated star.         
Same experience, different response. However, if ill experiences must change you, let it make you a better person, not turn you into someone you weren’t made to be. Life is like a knife cutting in pieces the ingredients called experiences. You sure need to cook a mean pot of meal with it no matter how terrible it might be. The ingredients cannot determine the taste when rightly mixed.  Which can be done when one:
-         Forgive those who do not deserve forgiveness. It helps take away the pain and make living easier.

-         Climb higher and look up. There’s one thing about the past, it is always behind you. You will only see it when you chose to look back. Besides, no one goes forward or upward by looking back. The further you get from it, the fainter the view becomes and clearer the future. Look on and out for a better tomorrow. Remember, the sucker of a dead plantain is still a plantain even if it is yet to grow.  Yesterday shouldn’t be a hindrance to the beauty of today or the future and do not hesitate to talk about it. If you survived let someone else know he or she could too. You do understand I could mention the two examples above because they openly shared their experiences. Never let the pain breeds anger that could someday explode to ruin not just you but many others.
A reminder: Have a cruse for abuse, where the ingredients (life experiences) could be mixed and cook a good pot of meal with it, I sure will like to share in it and I know many others might think so too. Give tomorrow a chance to roll in a better you and add a sweet(er) taste to life.
Never forget my love for you and that of the Lord for you and me. It is much more than we could ever comprehend. Cheers!

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