Sunday, October 09, 2016

A Piece for my Heart's Peace - 2.

I didn’t intend to make it a series and maybe it won’t be but today I have to talk about this deadly habit that is predominate in the lives of people in this second episode of a piece for my heart’s peace. If you missed episode 1 do click here to read.

The quest to entertain and be entertained has become the basic need of many today. This has reduced man’s ability to seek for knowledge. Deadly because it adds little or nothing to one’s knowledge bank or tank.

Knowledge seeking is in four aspects which are information, entertainment, education and enlightenment. Three are however dependent on one, which is information. The information you get could educate, entertain or enlighten you. When a man gets information to entertain; he becomes merry, to educate he becomes knowledgeable and to enlighten he gains awareness.
A balance of this three is what make up the wholeness of a man. For an overdose of entertainment will cause low or no productivity, overdose of education will be rigidity (all work no play makes Jack a dull boy they say) and overdose of enlightenment will come with complexity.
Information and entertainment can be bought but education that brings enlightenment cannot be bought. It is alright to buy the certificate or paper but not the knowledge.
I remember a lady that was employed as a secretary in my place of work some years ago with good result in secretariat studies but couldn’t type one correct sentence on the computer. Oh, type is me going too far, she couldn’t turn on the computer.
I understand the need to laugh and forget your sorrows. However, the sorrows tend to mould and make a better you.  You should know out of the strong comes something sweet Judges 14:14.
One must first pay the price for entertainment through work. David got into trouble during spring by seeking pleasure instead of going to war 2 Samuel 11. The outcome became his greatest mistake in his time.
Although I have been told it’s never too late to get educated but why get it late when you can go early for it? Season comes after season and one leads to the other and each has its kind of beauty and purpose. So is information to educate you to be enlightened to successfully provide or receive pleasure(entertainment).
One class leads to another. Then, why wait till old age to learn what a little child already knows? So, remember to make haste while the sun shines. That’s the only way to have a light to shine through the dark hours.


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  1. Educating, motivating and inspiring piece, perfect for the morning...good job,thanks dear, more power to your elbow.
    Do have a nice dear.