Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Piece for my Heart’s Peace - 3.

Recently, we have heard and seen enough troubles come to marriages. The misgivings, killings (accidental and non-accidental), cheating etc.  Making darker an already dark side of the institution. Yeah! It gets to be more than scary movies. Then one wonders how much of the vows exchanged are actually understood or spoken from the heart filled with love. What do one from the outside truly knows? Maybe not nearly enough to understand what could bring out the best or worse in couples. 

Physically or literally no one gets blind folded or had a gun over their hands to pronounce their vows. Okay! Maybe one of the partners told lies to win over the other. Is that a problem? I don’t see how. The only problem I see is that the one being lied to chose to believe the lies.
No matter how interwoven lies become, there’s always a loose end to untie it but then, one sees what they chose to see and ends up believing that. Besides, haven’t you heard, lies are easily forgotten and a cover up is mostly needed?
But, a blind eye is turned to all of the evidence that’s very much obvious during courtship. The uncontrolled anger that could lead to beatings, the unruly mouth, cravings for extravagant materials etc. Maybe you thought the other person will eventually change, and now you’ve realised you thought wrong. That doesn’t mean everything you hold dear in that marriage is wrong. Don’t forget the miracle of 1+1=1. That brings salvation from loneliness and aloneness. The difficulty is the absorption of selves by self. Not everyone has been successful in this. But that doesn't mean you can't make a difference.
Well, I never intend to make this length so, I will just about end it by pleading that one remembers to share the interesting stories about being married. Being someone’s husband or wife necessarily do not mean you always knew what to do about your partner but you could try to make it work by not giving up too easily or quickly on each other as this video portrays below. Sometimes, the blame lies with you not the other.

Also, there's someone you could tell everything to, someone with whom you could let everything drop no matter how hard, he will never laugh at you but make you laugh neither will he judge you. And He will make a perfect freedom in the darkness if you ever find yourself in one. You'll only get to see the beautiful colour at the end of the tunnel. The Lord Jesus is thy help.
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