Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Piece for my Heart’s Peace - 4.

Why do men cheat? Is a universal question that has been asked generation after generation with no concrete answer to put an end to the escapades. Then is it safe to say “men are cursed with a terrible emptiness. A terrible loneliness they can or could not speak of. So deep, so ragged is this loneliness they no more could refuse any woman that appeals to them?”

The usual way to explain the ability to be utterly absorbed is because there are so many beautiful, charming and curvy ladies everywhere, how would any man with this curse over him be satisfied with just one woman? Oh! Did anyone miss the point that also there are handsome men with packs ranging from 4 to 8 that could easily appeal to the women yet they're satisfied with the man they consider as their own.

It is almost, if not already accepted norm in some part of the world that a single man with great fortune must be in need of a wife, so is a married man in possession of such fortune will be in need of a mistress or mistresses.
This curse which seems to be unbreakable despite the efforts of many over the years will only end when men begin to love like women by not holding back. It is women’s madness to hoard. We love without holding back and definitely  do know how to hold on. Yes! We are not always clever enough to know it’s not our duty to do the loving but the men. As such, it is the only way any man can be discipline enough to move away from this fixation that drives men in all categories.
Do you know “no one dies of love but could die for love?” it is that precious and sacred.
If a man expects a woman to remain faithful to him in his absence even if it means living in such state for years, the man should be able to do same. Beautiful women are as enticing as handsome men. But then, “pleasure is a liquid: it runs up the vein and warms the blood”. Hence, it is foolish to let it determine the decision one makes about his life. Hopefully, some day, men will be wise enough to understand the virtue of love and faithfulness.


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