Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dance Steps over Hindrance.

So we’ve been told that life isn’t always going to treat us right and it is scriptural to give thanks in every situation. In essence, whatever the matter, one must learn to be courageous and rock through it and let nothing slow down the pace. That way you give no one the room to mock you.
I am not talking about the pretentious plastic smile dance but a great rock that’d make the club dancer resign to join your train. That dance that’ll make the devil realise “he nor reach!” God got your back.
That dance that’ll deliver your testimony like that of this woman story: She was called barren and during one of our ministry (Winners Chapel) service, God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo asked everyone to rock out their problems. Dance the way you will when you’ve got that special miracle. She danced so hard, another member who decided to be a spectator was forced to ask her “you be soldier?” she didn’t let that discourage her. She rocked out her barrenness and got her set of twin babies.
Come on, change your style and steps, omo let’s do the dance over that hindrance.


Oh! First photo and last three are mine.... hehehe I've got some mean steps too! Don't try meeee at all *laughs*.


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