Saturday, October 08, 2016

Dear Fresh Undergraduates: Selfishness Speaks Louder than Selflessness, know what to attract.

Dear Fresh Undergraduates: A hearty congratulation for this new phase of life you’re about to begin and the acquired freedom. This can be intoxicating if you give in to it. And just like a drunk man, you’ll find yourself staggering or lost.

Your parents will give you advice and pray you yield to every word, even though they won’t be there to watch over you. of course they or you can’t be totally sure you won’t change. Actually in one or two ways you will. Positively hold onto good doctrines or negatively by leaving them at home or completely throwing them all out.

You will miss your family but secretly glad you can have things your way:
If you think they’ve held you down and it is now time to climb up, you should be careful because the higher you go, the more tender, smaller or softer the branches will be, you could easily lose balance.
If you think they’ve shut you in or up, it’s time to open and be out, you should be careful how wide you open because there are pervert lurking around the corner in the day how much more in the night.
If you think they’ve put you low, now it’s time to fly, you should be careful because the higher you go the stronger the wind. I hope your wings can withstand the force.
Whatever you do, remember you’re not the only one to pay the price. Your parents started with the payment of fees and giving money for every allowance. Each kobo should be well accounted for, especially in a recessive economy like ours right now.  This you should do by being studious and excel.
Do not try to show off fashionably or educationally or in anyway because that’ll only draw unnecessary attention your way, which might come with heart and headache. Basically, your lecturers don’t need to attach a name or face to your matriculation number. That way, you’d be sure to get your deserve grades.
Start strong by building good grades from the very first year. It’ll go a long way to determine how you’ll finish. Although, there’s always room for improvement, you can make that room smaller or completely close it by starting great.
Do remember the company you keep will go a long way to define who you’ll become. Hence, never hesitate or think anything is too trivia to talk to God about such as praying to connect you with friends that’ll better your life and you theirs in turn, for selfishness speaks faster and louder than selflessness. You’ll attract who you are. So be you and the best God is set to make you.
If you ever need a confidant, I'll be willing to help and I mean I will be willing to help because I understand the logic, scriptures and I’ve got the experience and degrees too. If I can’t provide the necessary help, I sure will be able to make appropriate referral. Because, issues gets complicated when people can’t talk about them. Especially when there’s no one they can trust and be true to. I am a phone call 08060853558 or email away.
I pray this letter get to everyone that needs to read it. Also, be kind to share with anyone you know needs to read it. Many blessings.



  1. Wow...this are very good words for me. Big thanks. I will certainly share this page with others...

  2. Aww!great advice. Some will wise they got this kind when they were entering school.

  3. I came across and some where in your blog, don't you make use of that anymore?

  4. I do use all three email address but the one attached to this post is connected to the phone that goes everywhere with me. I'd like to respond promptly when I do get messages relative to this. It is actually Many blessing!