Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ensued Issues that give Concern - Boys are raped too or accomplice?

A 6 year old boy is taken to the room in the absence of his parents. He is stripped naked and his genital is used to satisfy the inordinate sexual desires of paedophile aunties and maids. He doesn’t even understand, he is told to tell no one. He lives with it forever. I don't know what goes on in his mind forever. I won't even know if he enjoyed it. Maybe someone can explain how children as young as 5 get erections. But of course, it is true.

Years later, Lucky(fictional name) a very intelligent and active boy had just gotten into SS2 when he fell into the prying eyes of Ms. Paula. Miss Paula the Science teacher manipulates Lucky and grooms him into sexually satisfying her every Saturday at a supposed extramural class. Again, he doesn't understand. She says she loves him. Anyway, he doesn't even understand what love is. He does what she wants and in return, he gives him extra marks and extra tutoring while desperately trying to show "tough love" towards him to any person who is listening.

Ruth that has always crushed heavily on him and is in direct competition with him in school discovers and "naively" reports to whoever cares. Everybody says "What? But, he enjoyed it". Yes, the 16 year old Lucky enjoyed sleeping with his teacher. He enjoyed it and so he kept coming back. He kept bragging about it to his guys. He knew what he was doing at 14 and 15.

Someone said, "boys are raped too?"

No, boys are not raped. They are accomplices because their bodies are "sexually oriented and designed". All they need to show consent is a turgid and erect penis. It is wrong for him to get turgid at the sight of your naked body. It is wrong for him to get afraid and submit. It is wrong that he didn't shout and scream that you were manipulating him to have sex with you. It is wrong that he has genitals as small as a touch light battery and you mount him and violate him.

You know, when we keep up with this "but he enjoyed it" argument, I get sick. Maybe they don't have a hymen to be broken, maybe they don't have blood to flow, but maybe, they have thoughts and minds and conscience on which these would sediment and replay like a dirge for the rest of their lives.

I have waited and struggled with my conscience to not talk about all the horror stories I have heard. Of boys in school being violated by corpers, of how these boys brag about it in their ignorance, I die. Yet, it won't come. No one would talk about it. What is our age of consent? 10? 15? No, 16? Or the day he gets turgid at the sight of naked Britney Spears on the wall?

When are we going to admit that boys are victims too? 

Written by Precious Emelogu (photo above).


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