Friday, October 14, 2016 Is it Bothering Love or Smothering Attraction?

I’ve got some issues with attraction that has been bothering me a while now. And I am confused how to relate attraction with or to love. Is it possible to be attracted to someone you’re not in love with or love someone and not be attracted to that person? How is it that two people look at themselves and are drawn to each other like an iron unable to resist the force of a magnet. Series of questions that I hope someone will provide an answer to.

Is attraction based on the individual look, (exude sexiness, the figure 8 or 6 packs....) if so, how much does look have to play? What about the personality? If is based on that how come people with terrible attitude still find others tripping over themselves to get to them? Maybe Delilah and Samson could provide a sensible answer to that. Or is it something deeper? If it is something deeper could it be termed love then?
Which needs to come first; love before attraction or attraction before love? How easily could one get to mix these feelings up?  Where do one stops and the other begins? Which is considered to be stronger? Is it possible for attraction to be one sided as love could be? You should know the iron can’t resist the magnet neither can the butterfly or bees resist the pollens. Could one be attracted to more than one person at a go?

If attraction is not love, is it possible for it to lead to love? Honestly I’ve been trying to wrap my head around these. But just haven’t succeeded. You could try if you haven’t succeeded too and if you do, be kind to help us by placing your comments.
That’s it, Friday don come abi na show e show? Any which way na way.... Have a beautiful weekend.

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