Friday, October 21, 2016 What’s Compatibility Durability in Relationships?

Hello friends! Friday don come. So, let’s have a chat like we do most times and take a look at the topic above, hopefully, we’d find some new discoveries base on different opinions.

 A strong relationship should be based upon knowledge more than convenience because of the unstable nature of feelings. And I have been told that feelings won’t run deep if individuals involved haven’t weighed the option of compatibility.

In every relationship, there’s a choice to make because sticking together through difficult times requires a deep sense of commitment and appreciation for one another even among those related by blood.
Hence, how does one first define compatibility in relationships? Is it when the individuals share same principles or when they are miles/poles apart or parallel lines? Afterall, we’ve been taught that unlike charges do attract. Then, compatibility might not be determined by likes or dislikes but ability to exist in peace and be happy in each other company.
In which case, I believe you understand that what might work for a group of individuals or couples won’t work for another. Everyone experiences tend to refine their life’s outlook. I have seen a man who likes and live the club life yet married to a strong religious woman. And yes! From the outside they are doing great. I've got no idea about behind closed doors.
So, how durable is compatibility in relationships. Is it what is needed to keep every relationship from hitting the rock? Because, even those that claim to love each other today have been seen unable to stand each other presence tomorrow. Again what’s the durability of compatibility in relationship? Someone with an answer should please be kind to share.


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  1. Well, in my understanding, Compatibility in the context of marriage or relationship is the ability of the two parties to see in each other reasons to live together for ever.
    It can also be their ability to see in each other, what each of them shares in common and can not live without.
    If it's genuinely, carefully and consciously determined before the marriage, chances are it last till death do them part.
    This are my opinions and I stand to be corrected.