Monday, October 10, 2016

Lessons not to Imprison your Life.

When men find what they need in you, they will seek you out. They found salvation in our Lord Jesus and many were saved and many more will be saved John 3:17.  The big question is: what have you got to give? To be needed, you need to be a knowledgeable man who can satisfy the needs, desires, cravings etc of others in more ways than one. And when I say man, I am not just talking about the male folks but every human.

Hence, these LIFE LESSONS by Oliver Kizika should enlighten you more.

“1. There is no tree that eats its own fruits. It is always for someone else to eat

2. A life of significance is the one that is geared towards helping others. Find your place in being a solution to people's problem, you will achieve success.

3. Whatever we receive or accumulate is meant for empowerment. But to make progress you have to give out and serve. Education, information, training, resources are things we receive to empower us. But real progress comes when you begin to use them to benefit another person.
4. When you receive, you are only empowered, but when you give, you are now making progress. Givers rule the world. Life on the receiving side will never give you the opportunity to set the terms of the battle. Only contributors dictate influence terms. Consumers often do not.

5. The value of an orange is in the orange juice. Only an orange can give that juice. Your value is not in what you have accumulated (cars, money, fame, clothes, wealth, etc...) but in what you give.

6. He who receives is always inferior to the one who gives. The teacher is always above the student.

7. Life on the receiving side is based on expectation, and expectation is the breeding ground of disappointment.

8. You make a living with what you receive, but you make a life with what you give. May your life be a gift to us today. It does not matter what it is, be the best at it, we will celebrate you! Receiving helps you, but giving makes you.”

Have fruits bearing day and week. Cheers!

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