Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Natural Mood Lightener and Brightener.....hehe

So, I wanted to do the usual serious stuff but got to change my mind after going through a friend’s posts on Facebook. He is a definition of hilarity personality. I’d like to brighten or lighten your mood and if it is already, let’s make it lighter and brighter hehehe. Here we go!

"Dear Coca-cola
I have genuinely supported your business. But how do one get to get this feel you people show in your advertisement? I mean I tried to soak my coke in a generous amount of ice. I had left the soda for a while and lifted it from the freezer, opened it and put my hand to my waist and like in the adverts, tried to gulp it all at once like in your advertisements, but what happened? I got choked and the remaining spilt all over my clothes and I had to buy Ariel. Still, I didn't feel that "spinning" feel you guys feel in the advertisements.
Dear Ariel
I have soaked this my Coke stained cloth for (how many minutes did you advise me?) 30 minutes. I have followed all your instructions and the discoloration won't go away. So I decided to use hypo.
Dear hypo
How many more hours do I need to soak this white before the coke's stain would go away? Oh, close up whitens!
Close up
I have used your product for ages and can't land any beautiful girl yet by just shinning my teeth. When I shine my teeth, there are no glitters and star like sparkles like in your adverts. Girls don't even notice that I used close up. I might have as well used charcoal and ash and salt. Who knows, I might have been luckier.
The more I shave, the bumpier it becomes. I do not get employment by just shaving with your product. I do not seem to become man enough. Rather, I treat acne and facial rashes and bumps. 
Dear Milo
Where are the leaders you built? Nigeria is in dire need of them now than ever. Who can vouch for these brands and more? Me, I feel short changed o
Complication 101:
When a guy say "I have no shoes". Maybe like Goodluck Jonathan said, he means that he literally do not have one shoe to wear. But when a woman says "I have no shoes", she has 29 and don't have a particular colour to make it 30 because she can't repeat shoes in her pictures for a period of 30 days.
Now, a guy can wear the same set of clothes over and again for different photographs. But when you try to snap with a girl and she is naturally hesitant, there's only one reason : she's snapped on those dresses before.
Therefore, when a lady says "I don't have clothes", it doesn't mean that she do not have 99 other clothes, but it means that she has snapped on the 99.
#Presh shut up o 😂 😂
It is Property time, I mean Prophesy time. Open your eyes and read carefully.
There is somebody here, something has been telling you to ask for my account details and do some lovely transfers. It is DIVINE, stop struggling with it.
Ask for it NOW!!!
😂 😂 😂
There's another person here, you have been struggling with this voice asking you to give me that job in Kuwait and Qatar, stop resisting the move of the Lord. Is it your work? Give it to the Lord.
There's a last person here. You have been struggling with something that has been telling you to get me that new phone. Oya, start way billing it. So you don't be like Jonah. Stop resisting God or your kneecap shall be broken like Jacob. Amen.... 😍 😍 😍 😍 😝 😝 😝 😝
Anyway, my father told me yesterday that if he ever catch me posting on Facebook again, he was going to swipe my head across the keyboard.
But I insisted that I couldn't do without you all. So, I came back to post and now I wish he does not cynkdsybklgbygjkdwwegnk ajdkxbdhshh dnxinsns amalamamamsksji fbaalzn labe I'mkajajskakaak dhsiakahzjakao".
But you know some people mood can be really too hard and serious to crack to get to see the light side. If you're such be kind to help prevent the swipe by chbuoekjdijbdhasbxuojd hidhbjhbcjnsaijuhhiajcjasnij cidjiwhwjhwijoksoq

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