Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pills and Portions_ Babies and Abortions.

So, in a one time bid to make love you made a baby, I mean it was just a onetime pleasure ride and nothing was suppose to happen right?

Before you explain I think I can already familiarise with the story. I know you never planned for it, you are both young and vibrant workers in the church, she is an holyghost filled praise singer and you a devoted Sunday school teacher, even people already call you pastor. Seeing her sing so passionately made you feel like you were in heaven, like a coin to a magnet you were drawn to her.

You told her how you felt and she said she felt the same way for you too. A simple Christian relationship was formed with the intention of merely getting to know each other better but a series of random and unfortunate events landed her in your arms, a moment never to be forgotten, a moment lost in lust, you knew the outcome but the moment was perfect, a sweet sensation, she tried to say 'don't' and you tried to say 'stop' but with the intense rush of adrenaline flowing in both your body systems, the words found a way to combine in your mouth forming the statement 'don't stop'.
I know you hated every moment of it, not really you loved every second but the aftermath of the action killed you. Cursing and crying you were both lost in the moment, question bombarded your minds like neutrons on a nucleus, and does this mean God now hates us? What would people say or what would pastor say if he finds out? And just like that an angry mob of 'what if's' attacked your minds.
To add salt to salty, nausea and morning sickness coupled with fatigue made you fear for the worse and to crown it all the doctor confirmed that she was pregnant. The news shattered your hearts like broken glasses, what would people say? Won't everyone judge us? Won't people segregate us? These questions formed a dense fog around your mind and it seemed like there was only one way out, The Baby Had To Go, ABORTION seemed like the only possible and safest solution.
I know you are not ready for a baby right? She would ruin everything, your Christian life, social life and maybe even career. You say she has to go because you couldn't bear to see the look of disappointment in your father's eyes when you break the news to him that he would soon be an early grandpa, or the satisfactory grin from 'over righteous' Christians basking in the fact that time had finally proven that they are more righteous than you. Putting all this into consideration you successfully convinced yourselves that the child had to go, she has to be aborted. You still plan to get married to her and maybe then you would be ready for many kids as much as the good lord freely gives you but this one has to be the sacrificial lamb for a responsibility-free tomorrow.
You know what I see your point of view and I'm not even going to judge you, not even the slightest bit but here is an angle I think you never considered. Away from the fact that you would be committing murder and the health risk of the mother associated with aborting a child (not foetus or zygote), here seeing through the eyes of another. Have you ever considered the fact that the baby never asked for this, resting safely in the land of unborn babies, your untamed lust came knocking and the poor soul ran naively to answer.
Ever considered the future of that child? The one thousand and one things she would love to be when given a chance, consider the part of her body that were never given the chance to develop, the eyes that would never get to see the light of day, the sun rise and sun set, the ears that may have heard tales in 'babyland', tales of a mother's lullaby and a father's advice but would never get to enjoy such thus leaving them as tales, mouths that would never get to laugh or cry, never get to say mama or dahdah, she would never even get to say 'I Love You' and cheeks that would never know the feeling of a mother's kiss or a father's touch. A life welcomed with mixture of pills and portions, drinking it without a second thought because to her, mum could never hurt me, the irony.
So before you consider terminating that pregnancy remember she is a living baby, full of life and promises. She deserves a choice too, a choice to live or die. The truth is family would forgive your mistakes, they have no choice, people would talk about and behind you, but it's just for a while, even God would forgive you, because even the righteous gets to fall seven times but a child murdered never gets to return, you never get to apologise and you never get a second chance to change your decision.
Today say No to pills and portion because you didn't just made love, you also made a baby and she deserves to live.
Also, just like you can't fight fire with fire, the fact that you did it once is no reason to continue. Two abortions doesn't make God love you more or hate you, God is simply waiting for you to return to your senses and realize that every baby terminated is a part of the world's hope lost.
Written by Omoyibo Kelvin Akpobome, click here to get personal with him.


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