Monday, October 03, 2016

Scriptural Paints cannot be Quaint.

Exploits in life and ministry can be accessed through divine direction. God is always committed to leading us as seen in the book  of Daniel 11:32b....  which made us to understand that; they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploit.
The above scripture made me realise there is no two ways to exploit in life and ministry, the only way to exploit is simply knowing God.  This was very well reflected in Daniel’s life as he did exploit because he knew his God. Not just in mere words but what God has said about him and he understood his place as a son. Hence he was preferred above Princes and Presidents Daniel 6:3. 

This is clearly proven that knowing God does not only make you do exploit but it gives an excellent spirit.  Knowing God distinguishes you from the crowd like it happened in the life of Daniel.  From the above, we could see that scriptures only said they that do "KNOW" their God.  That simply tells us, that only those that know their God can do exploit not Christians who go to church... you will agree with me that not everyone who goes to church know their God.  In other words we have people who do know their God and those who don't know their God.

Christianity is not a religion is a faith. The reason why unbelievers prosper in what they do is because they know their god, give them a task, they’ll do it. They know exactly how to appease their gods. No wonder the bible said the children of the world are now wiser Luke 16:8.  We all want to make exploit in life and ministry but the question is do we really "know" our God?  The only way we can make exploit as Christians is if we do really know our God.
Form personal study, I have also realised that; we could do exploit in life and ministry through daily fellowship with the father to know what is written concerning you "because if you don't know what is written concerning you, you will be written off" (Bishop David Oyedepo)... 
In  Psalm 40:7  the bible said I  come in the volume of the book "The word of God". Daily give your heart and soul to God and his word.  You have to study to show yourself approved 2Timothy 2:15 .

When you know what is written about you, then you will allow God to lead you, and you can hear and recognise his voice John 10; 27 and john10:14. Again, Exploits in life and ministry can be accessed through divine direction.  God is always committed to leading us, Isaiah 30:21 and Isaiah 48:17. I will say this much again: We can see from the above that the only way we can do exploit in life and ministry is simply knowing God.
Written by Oviri Obakpororo Rita. 
Happy holiday! Have a good one. Cheers!


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