Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Barrage of an Orphan Outrage!

Hey Mr Preacher! So you said that there is no shortcut to success, 'true good things comes only to the patient ones' you say.

Well tell that to the poor orphan who has totally lost hope in any chance of furthering his education. Who lost his father at the age of seven and lost his mother at age thirteen and struggles everyday just to find something to eat. Whose only beam of hope rest on the promises of aunties and compassion of uncles and with fingers crossed, watches the clock as seconds turn to minutes and then hours as the possibility of these promises becoming a reality fades away like undried painting on a rainy day.

I know you say God is the father to the fatherless, a voice to the motherless and a provider to the orphans but here is a boy orphan boy that cries himself to sleep because the 'worms' in his stomach just won't go to bed and when sleep finally decides to show him a little mercy, he is still too broke to dream because he knows that the chances of his dreams coming to pass are zero in a million.
Mr Preacher, you told us to neither envy the wealth of the wicked nor be jealous of those whose fame is built around dubious means, but what is he suppose to do when his fellow mates on the street return with bags of strange money after a few week in strange country doing some strange business, they say Maga nor need pay but everyday he sees fellow hustlers like him blowing money like a smoker blows tobacco on expensive hotels, luxurious cars and exotic women, things he could only dream about. You say God's time is the best but just yesterday, his next door neighbour called Godstime moved out of their face-me-I-face-you apartment after six months in Ghana and even offered him a ride in his new Toyota Spyder, I guess Godstime finally got paid,
He knows the bible says 'thou shall not steal', but a few hours with the computer, telling one or two white lies and making promises he won't keep doesn't classify as stealing does it? Atleast no one was hurt and he didn't even forcefully collect anything from anyone right? Don't answer that, I think he already knows the answer but what do you expect from a man who eats every meal hoping it won't be his last.
Finally dear Mr Preacher, I know you preach from the scriptures and the bitter truth is you are right, I know that Godstime is still the best but at times it's difficult to wait the wait especially when there is an obvious way out and sometimes it's hard to hold on to the word of God when there is no money in your pocket and no food in your stomach.
Also,  you may never know how painful it is to trust God and say no to an opportunity that would settle you for life simply because of its source, turning the other cheek and holding on to the word of God, fasting more than a pastor not because of your love for God but because life forces you to.
So Mr Preacher, even when life hits me with all its noise and furry, this is my final answer, I will wait, I would trust in God even in the midst of all this. Even in the face of hunger, intimidation and poverty, I would stand strong, turning my face from the world and focusing on His word because just like the scriptures says,'...and thy word became flesh' and I would eat of it. Just like the three Hebrew boys, I will trust you because you are God and I trust your timing.
Even though it seems like the chances of my dreams coming to pass are zero in a million, I still choose to believe in you because adding you to that equation increases my odd and changes my chances into one in one. So when Godstime taunts me with his new car and calls me a 'Jew' simply because 'I nor sharp', I would still look him in the face and say 'sorry Godstime but I'm still going to wait for God's time'.
And to God, the helper to the helpless and father to the orphan, I say thank you for giving this orphan a chance to use the word 'dad' again, thank you for turning an orphan without an inheritance to an heir of the biggest kingdom ever and a joint heir with Christ. Thank you because in all this I know you've got me.
Written by Omoyibo Kelvin Akpobome. Click here for more of His_Storyteller.

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