Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Pain should not Drain your Joy.

Life is too beautiful to let pain eat up a great part of it. You have a choice over how you react about issues, your response to occasions. In life, there’s always something to do and sometimes can’t be undone, something to give or take, this will not always be as we want it but that’s the beauty of life. A mixture of circumstances blending to give a colourful look depending on how one chose to see the big picture or paint one.

Be it pain or joy, how you handle it makes the moment beautiful and tomorrow better. When one sustains injury, it bleeds. And the first thing that needs to be done is to stop the bleeding. Until the bleeding is stopped, there’ll be no healing. And healing is a process that takes time. Hence, the saying “time heals all wounds”. Even though, it leaves the scar behind, you have a choice to create a picture of how you see it each time you look at it. Be joyful you survived or be sad and let the pain drain the joy away.
So, it’s alright to be hurt. Never ask yourself “how did I let myself get hurt?” because you feel hurt when you’ve got a heart and a good one at that. Else, you won’t be feeling pained. Basically, no one is too big or small to feel but how the feelings are handled determine how big or small the person is.
So if you’ve ever been hurt in anyway or by anyone, you need to stop bleeding before you can heal. And do remember healing is processed and it takes time. So, it is alright if you still feel wounded, don’t go hate yourself, just go with the process and let the time get on with the treatment.
However, it’s easier to stop the bleeding by talking about it with someone. I understand despite “a problem shared is half solved” but too many times confidant have compounded issues hence, people easily get weary in confiding in others. And we live in a society where professionals aren’t much in practice in helping individuals deal with issues but you could always find someone to trust. For the record (I’d be glad to share whatever it is with you or make recommendation).
In all of it never forget God. He’s the only one with the ability not to judge or condemn you, John 3:17. So, talk to Him. I didn’t use the word ‘pray’, because you don’t have to think you’ve got to be composed, coordinated or whatever makes it difficult to confide in God when you hear that word ‘prayer’. I said talk. Let everything out and yes, the tears too. Just let him know exactly how you feel. By the time you’re spent doing that, you’d be sure to ask Him to grant you healing. Cheers!

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