Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Root of every Truth!

The simplicity of life is usually not simplified because too many times we forget to “tell the one part of the truth without which all truth is a lie. And one can always make life sound wrong if he or she tries to describe it in a hundred words or less”. There's just too much to see, know, hear about and believe in.

Let’s review this instance: A young man discovered on his wedding day that the lady he is to marry was cheating on him. This truth was revealed when a pregnancy test was carried out within the hour before the wedding which is the church formality. She tested positive but the man insisted he hadn't touched her. He was keeping to scriptural doctrines.

After much commotion with the lady also insisting she wasn't pregnant, a scan was carried out on her and showed she was not. This man insisted on canceling the wedding but many adviced him to go ahead to avoid the humiliation. Besides, scan did reveal she wasn't pregnant.

They forgot or refused to tell him that part of the truth that: she could have tested positive because she recently must have aborted which scan won't reveal. Or if she cheated on him during courtship there's a huge possibility she will do it in marriage. No one thought about the part that made the truth revealed by the scan a lie. 

He yeilded to the elders and pastorate zadvise and married her. The two years the marriage lasted was anything but blissful. 

It isn't always enough to tell what to do. One needs to know what to prepare for after doing what needs to be done.
Hence life's complications will only end when we care more about the part of the truth which cannot make truth a lie and sustaining the various relationships we build especially the ones between a man and woman because “some marriages cannot sustain the falsehood that a real romance demands”.
Sometimes telling the truth is not as difficult as handling the truth. The need to shy away from the aftermath of the truth (exposure and vulnerability/clearing of the droppings) is what makes us hide behind the lies that could but complicates one’s existence.
Remember, every hard substance has got or could get a crack that will eventually break it down completely and expose what lies within. To be continued on Friday.

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