Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Piece for my Heart’s Peace - 7

Previously, on A Piece for my Heart's Peace click SIX . This is definitely not the post I had in mind for today. I was forced to change my mind when my friend’s barely 3years old daughter got kidnapped in Abuja yesterday and he had to cry out for help on social media (Facebook precisely). Click here to read about it.

The belief that the internet is a global village and information could spread like wild fire cannot be disputed but what can be disputed is what kind of information? When my friend shared the information about his missing daughter you’d think everyone that set eyes on the post will automatically click the share button and within the hour they would have gotten if not hundreds but tens of thousands of share.

But then, it isn’t Chidinma and the cucumber video or an information with a reward in millions attached or personally beneficiary to them so, one could turn a blind eye or whisper ehya about it and move ahead. In essence information to defame or negatively impact (gossip even though completely meaningless) or cause pain tends to spread like wild fire than any other kind. MY point precisely.
Yes! I thought there should be an outrage about missing Khadija and everyone should help her fretting family keep the search on until she is found. I spent a good portion of last night sending information to many bloggers (those that consider themselves too big, big or small) and celebrities I follow but one instablog9ja got to respond swiftly and the others waited till this morning and are busy acting let they just stumbled on the information (na their way before). That’s the least of the matter. Actually, it isn’t even part of it.
As for celebrities; many times I wonder if they understand why we celebrate them or of what use is their popularity? Do they think is just because of their deeds in pretending to be someone else and making us pay to watch how perfectly or effectively  they can be or the mumble jumble melodious songs that lack tunes that’s called music today?  

It’s time they realise that good and no pretence deeds is what makes them human and celebrated even if the whole world believe not, I do. Especially after reading about the likes of Mother Theresa. If the deed won’t bring money or recognition they won’t be ready to spear head it. The one that managed to do one good deed ended up making a mockery of it (save Mayowa Scheme).
Anyway, the Umar’s family have got God and he is all they need. But be kind and human enough to keep them in your prayers and help the search by sharing every post about Khadija until she’s found and I pray the Lord will keep everyone  of us from troubles we helped others overcome. Many blessings!

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