Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Posits on the Opposite of Life Situations.

Sour taste is to make you value sweetness

Failure to make you understand the essence of success
The lessons of the past to make you avoid repeating future mistakes
The ugliness to make you understand where beauty lies

The pain to make you appreciate gain
A fall is to teach you to climb
Weakness to help you learn to conserve strength

The set back to enforce a forward leap
The crawl is help you to determine how fast to run
The delay is to relay a clear vision
The questions are for you to get answers
The bad moment is to bring out the best in you
Lack to teach you the act of saving
A beating to teach you to fight back
The still moment is to teach you when to avoid a rush.
Just always remember there’s an opposite reaction to every action in life and you must learn to take advantage of it. Also, to master your actions so that your reactions will be progressive. And every frustration should bring out a demonstration of a better response. You don’t have to live life base on the circumstances surrounding you, live life to determine the circumstances to be surrounded with by simply learning and improving on how to make good better and better best. You can if you say and believe you can because people don't give up because they can't keep up but because they stop believing.


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