Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Children not Brides Series Finale: Bride with no Pride - 3

Children Not Brides.
(The Menace Called Child Marriage).
Series 3 (Finale)
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Pregnancy for her was not an easy weight to bear, sometimes she marvelled at how some women were able to go through this experience more than five different times. Sometimes she teased mama about it and mama would always reply saying, ' it always gets easy with more trials'. Mama did her best to prepare her both mentally and physically for the day of delivery, telling her of how it is always less difficult than rumour make it seem, on the other hand, she also did her best to stay prepared, and every night she did her best to keep away the hungry dog called Musa who always comes out to play whenever it was dusk.

Finally the day came when her water broke, since it was her first delivery they decided that instead of the norm of home delivery, she should be taken to the hospital.
A normal delivery takes less than twenty-four hours, but the doctors said this was not a normal delivery. The doctors said that there is a 1 in 50 chance that a teenage delivery could be complicated due to fairly developed wombs as it lacks the required strength to carry and birth a child, also the young mother may lack the physical and psychological capacity to go through the delivery process.
The doctors spent hours trying to save both the baby and the mother but nothing could save her because her body was too young and fragile to birth a child and had fought back through ceaseless bleeding and soon her heart and body system gave up which had lead to the death of both mother and child. I guess there were only so much her body could take even the womb of a fifteen year old girl has her limits. The doctors broke the news softly to everyone, they told Mama who was now crying and regretting ever agreeing and not fighting against it when papa decided to give her little angel out, they said if mama had been patient enough, her first grandchild would have been a boy.
Mama felt her whole world crumble and fall as she made up her mind to protect the rest of her children down to her last drop of blood against the menace called child marriage. Papa on the other hand bit his fingers trying to punish himself for the stupid decision he had made, they say men don't cry but papa wept like a baby. The doctors did their best to educate and make papa see that this is always expected from every 1 in 50 female child who is exposed to child marriage and that there was no way to predict who the odds might fall against.
Musa mourned his new wife for a while atleast, before going hunting again for the next young blood to quench his twisted thirst.
Long after Rashidat had passed on; mama still sits down thinking, if only, if only they had seen their daughter as a Child and not a bride, she would still have been alive today. (These are the dangers of Child Marriage, the menace called Child-Bride).

 Written by Omoyibo Akpobome. Keep here to keep tract of His_StoryTeller 


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