Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Series: How could Relationship Destroy Friendship?

Friday is here, and the question above have got many ways to be viewed but we will start from one angle and see how far it takes us; The potency of the bond shared between individuals in friendship and in a relationship could be just as strong but on different context. In friendship there’s a limit/bound to how far one could go in commitment but in a relationship bounds are supposed to be broken and exceeded.

Of course, friendship is a kind of relationship too. But relationship in this context are lovers (Man and woman, including the ones that have chosen to stay away from pre-marital sex but possesses all of the attributes been discussed). The individuals are expected to be emotional entwine, physically tuned to each other, completely absorbed by each other differences and everything that makes up one’s character and spiritually connected. 

It is universally talked about that a young man and woman shouldn’t be best friends because the strong friendship between them could develop complications. There’s likelihood one will fall in love with the other and expects more or both could eventually fall for each other and change the context of their relationship. However, if this new context (from friends to lovers) doesn’t end well, it becomes difficult to return to the old one (from lovers to friends).
Does that mean friendship can’t develop into a relationship? Of course not! But both should discuss and be sure, it isn’t the close proximity that’s playing with their senses, sacrifices been made to make each other happy and if they are ready for all of the attributes mentioned in the second paragraph.
The fact that you make good friends doesn’t mean you’ll be good lovers. You get more deeply involved in the latter kind of relationship than the former. There will be no restriction for there will be more expectation. So if you’re falling and hoping for the uplift be sure to climb all the way not half because you just might be unable to climb back down.
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To be continued on a different context on the next Friday series. Have a beautiful weekend.



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