Friday, November 04, 2016 Could there be a Cleaving without Leaving?

I was right in front of my PC trying to yet find the lost words to continue the post to express the root of every truth in a man and woman relationship which is centred on my much respect for the spirit of the institution of no graduation. The ability to have a clear picture of the nature of marriage as a choice or an act of nature visited upon humans, when I bumped into Kemi Oyedepo post which cuts clean to the chase that could clear your misunderstanding. Read post after the cut. 

"There can be no cleaving without leaving! Marriage begins with leaving (father, mother, etc) and continues with cleaving - Matthew 19:5, Mark 10:7, Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5:31. To cleave means to join to, to mix together, and to be engrafted. One definition I saw is - sticking to something like glue! Sometimes couples leave but don't cleave to each other, and at other times, they don't even leave at all. Therein lies a big problem.

If as a husband, you are still tied to your parents apron strings, or you're a wife who wants to remain independent and unaccountable to anybody; you will be setting yourself up for crisis in your family life. No marriage can fulfill God's intentions that way. No cleaving can take place without leaving and without really joining yourself to your spouse - spirit, soul and body. Too many couples live completely separate lives; in fact people outside their home know more about them and what they are doing than their spouse. Yes, marriage is a growing process but one flesh begins from your heart and then shows in your actions, etc.
Don't be double minded - still focusing on those outside while trying to build your home with your spouse. Begin to see your spouse as a much needed companion in your life. Don't make them feel replaceable. You have to come to the point whereby you are willing to work through any challenges that arise. Unfortunately, some marriages end but be sure you do EVERYTHING you can to make it work (If you feel like you have, and you are not seeing results, please seek godly counselling)!
I always say your spouse is your advantage from God; build and enjoyable and desirable home. Any marriage that will work well requires the husband and wife to come to the point that they are stuck together not just like glue but more like super glue! Or anything stronger!!"

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