Friday, November 11, 2016 Could Romance wear a Mask?

Okay Friday don come! As usual let’s take a look at dicing relationship matters. I don’t know how right I am to say this; there’s the belief that when someone wants something from his or her partner they tend to be extra/extremely caring and all lovey dovey.

I remember sometime last year Timi Dakolo shared the photo above of himself and wife smiling sweetly and clinging to him and he captioned it thus “the smile they give you when they want your ATM card”. Lol!

Let’s not forget the biblical example in the case of Samson. I wondered how loved he must have felt when Delilah made him sleep upon her lap just before she ordered for his hair to be cut off Judges 16:19.
So, will there surely be a hidden agenda when one’s partner is being so caring? Could romance wear a mask? To help still give answers to other post click here and here.


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