Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Bloom when Gloom loom too.

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Don’t stop: I’ve got to just remind you of this song (Go Ahead) lyric by Ron Kenoly, “if you catch hell, don’t hold it, if you going through hell, don’t stop. You go ahead and go ahead.” Isaiah 54:17. Everything bows to God. Everything! Do not be deceived, dismayed, nor discouraged. In the end, GOD WILL have His way! Joshua 1:19".
Find your purpose:  Your purpose is what gives light to your direction.  The way you’ll walk through a dark path is not the same with a lighted path. When the path is brightened, you get to see everything clearly.
Purpose strengthens you in weak moments. Only those who have a clear vision of what God has in store for them understand the need to go through the process. Because “the process is a teacher and a revealer with a graduation called elevation attached”.
Purpose is the only thing that will stop you from wasting time arguing about your journey with people who don't have your call. They won’t understand. The thing is; even though they were not able to handle your tough times, they’re likely going to claim friendship or kinship in the good times. In essence your mockers today could become your rockers tomorrow.
Go ahead:  You should know your enemies strong hold has nothing on God’s plan. The tighter they struggle to hold onto you, the easier it is to slip away. How would you be a first class witness of the Lord’s mightiness and deeds if the enemies don’t try to attack? Just never lose your grip on God or look down or back. Trust Him and keep going ahead. Again, trust and let the enemies rust with fear (Psalm 18:44-46) for the Lord is right there in midst of it all to see you through 2 Chronicles 20:15.

Have fruits bearing day and week. Much love!


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