Saturday, November 19, 2016

How to Bloom when Gloom loom.

Daily, there are lessons to learn from occurrences in life. Some of such occurrences could result to breaking down or lifting up. It is never always easy neither is it always difficult. It is like a climb up the slope. Going up is more difficult than coming down and just as it is simple to destroy but never easy to build.

Hence, it is important to build (grow) but more important to keep improving the beauty of what has been built (grown)and most important to protect it Psalm 127:1. Such are life's occurrences. The bloom days are not so easy to achieve especially when all the odds are against a person.

“Now, have I ever told you the tales of the two seeds? This was a tale once told to us by wise old men. As curious little children, we would gather around the old men with grey hairs on their heads showing the beauty of wisdom that comes with experience. Yes, these eyes had even seen shepherd boys become kings and kings walk on barefoot.
Long, long ago, when plants could talk and understand one another, when the green grasses could whisper to the red roses the things it had heard from the lilies. Two seeds buried deep beneath the earth spoke to one another about their dreams, the first seed said to the second, 'I want to bring my leaves out of the ground, to feel the warm kiss of the morning sun. For once I would like to see the birds that sing up above. I want the world to catch a glimpse of my beauty, to stop and see how wonderful God has made me. In short I want to not just grow but bloom'.
The second seed watched as it spoke with so much passion and the sparks that followed its words, it sounded so sure of what awaited it outside. After a while the second seed replied, 'well, I'm not really sure what awaits me outside. I've heard the sound of angry birds, felt the scorch of the flaming sun, I have heard the sound of rushing water as it floods the surface and steeps down here too. No, I want to remain here. My tender buds are too fragile to break the earth above and even if I survive, I fear the monsters on the surface would not let me live for even a day. I choose to stay here away from the savage world above, here it is safe'.
After a while, they both had their wishes granted. The first seed grew and although the sun scorched and the water ran, it stood strong and survived; soon it bloomed and had little seeds of its own. The second seed on the other hand, remained underground where it was safe, safe from the sun and the 'monsters above'. That is until an hungry bird came, dug the ground and ate the unsuspecting seed.
The wise men always ended the story with a lesson; never allow fear stop you from being who you are meant to be. Face your fears with all your might and scare the hell out of fear itself and although the journey to greatness may be risky but that doesn't mean staying in your comfort zone is any safer. The question is which of the risk are you willing to take?”
Written by Okeh Onomiroro and Omoyibo Akpobome.


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