Tuesday, November 01, 2016

My Wishful Wist.

Oh dear beauty!

The one that gives rhythm
to my heart beat.
The regulator of my body’s temperature.
The one that brightens my skin colour.
The fire that burns within me.
My wistful wish.

Oh dear beauty!

The one that determines
the pace of my steps.
The soundness of my clap.
The one who steadies my gaze.
The fluid that runs in my vein.
Yes! My wistful wish.

Oh dear beauty!
Forever is too short a time to live
with you.
Every moment increases the beat of my heart,
body temperature, steps pace and my blood flow.
Because you’re my wistful wish.
And the saying goes "never judge a book by its cover". If you chose to love someone based on the outward possession be sure to have your wistful wish.  Basically, love quality is determine by the nature of the individual, who's loving or being loved. Next time you decide to fall in love or it takes you by surprise be guided not to have a wistful wish.
It's Tuesday " let's make  it a 'Hi day' (heart issues day). What's the wistful wish you've ever experienced? Something that started beautifully but never got to last for long and probably ended hilariously or disastrously. Why and how do you think it ended that way. Let's share. Maybe we could learn from each other experience. Post anonymous if you'd prefer it that way. Love you and happy new month.

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  1. Nice really, outward beauty isn't all that matters it'll only get to cut short that which was meant to be lasting. I've really got no wishful wist but back in the university a dude left me for someone he thought was more curvy and beautiful. She turned out to be his worse nightmare to the extent of having a spill over. If he wasn't known to be intelligent it wouldn't have mattered much. He is and did most of my assignment when we were together. I think I was a bit too clingy and naive then and he wanted the beauty with exposure. Thanks to him anyway because I was able to pick up the piece and learned the hard way. Besides I am happily married today to one who sees me in and out. Happy New month.