Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Chip to Strengthen Relationships.

Building ‘great relationships’ takes time and energy and not cost you material but also immaterial things. This is because the materials possess the ability to feel and chose where and how to fit in or not.

The value of a relationship can only be determined when tested. One author writes “contouring your heart to beat with another requires extensive whittling, to trim away self-centeredness. It’s like riding a bus; if you’re going to have company you must be willing to scoot over to accommodate other people and the baggage they bring. Your actions in doing this express the importance of the other person. One relationship becomes more valuable than others because of its ability to survive and endure realignments.”
 There are two major qualities we value most in a friend:
1)    The assurance they won’t turn their back on us when the going gets tough and rocky

2)    The knowledge that our imperfections and scars won’t change their level of commitment.
Solomon in Proverbs 18:24 say:  ‘A man of many companions may come to ruin but there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.’ It’s about quality and not quantity. That’s why heart connections can be stronger than blood connections.
Don’t be in a rush to quit a relationship or discard someone’s good qualities because they made a mistake, hurt or offended you or did something without giving a second thought to the after effect. A pastor once said; ‘you won’t take your car to the mechanic garage because of a flat tire or battery or something you can handle? Love means risk, but the payoffs outweigh the investment. Click here to find out more. Behind every success story, you’ll find people who once felt so discouraged they wanted to quit, who fell and needed lifting when someone stepped in, picked them up and helped them to keep going. Life is not built on acquisitions and accomplishments, it’s built on relationships. So, keep yours in good shape!”


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