Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Barbaric Aggression to Hunger Repression.

The tears couldn’t be held back when I read about the 7-year-old boy that was burnt for stealing garri (cassava dust). With a sad smile I decided to write this in dedication to him. I pray his family be comforted and counsel by the Holyspirit and may God judge him with mercy and cause his soul to find a peaceful rest.

The misimpression of recession by many has led to depression when repression of hunger with no hope of retrogression in cost of goods ignited the aggression of the barbaric ones with no compassion.

The admission of the system’s failure could only bring more fission in opinions. Yet! The nonadmission continues to lead to compression of laws by those in possession of power.
For years and over similar cases the unwillingness of the government to grant any concession isn't expected to be up for discussion rather digression of core issues becomes the order of the day.
Now been barbaric is gradually the profession of some individuals and what’s the repercussion of such act? A good answer could serve as antiaggression to violators of the law and antidepression to the pained.
The pained expression of the unprotected child couldn’t leave an impression of sympathy among the ones that have made themselves judges. How and why? The confusion holds many spell bond.
Hopefully, there will be quick intercession to prevent any of these evil from reoccurring. I pray for demission of such behaviours from our society and progression in good deeds.



  1. May God intervene in NIGERIA and help this people know that the end of the wicked is terrible
    Long time Ono Pink, been missing ur blog cos my phone had a problem