Friday, November 11, 2016

The Nation with Good Education.

Good education helps nations rise from the ashes. This will only be possible when what is learned is applied but in this country of ours, where many say they crammed their way through school and the teachers prefer to be bribed to give good grades, I wonder the possibility of it. Did I fail to mention poor learning infrastructure or materials? or the already unstable educational policies, standards and reforms still tend to change base on people's personal interest.

Actually, I cannot! especially when curriculum keep changing now and then to accommodate books of writers (authours) that have bribed their way through the educational board. Funny enough curriculum will change will no proper provision of materials for usage by teachers and students. Honestly, Nigeria greatness is tied to  proper restructuring of our educational system.
However, being positive is the way to go/live. Because the few numbers today that are implementing what they learned might become a great one tomorrow. And you and you..... and yes me too could start by standing out and truly learn and put to work the knowledge acquired.

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