Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ways not to Wiggle and get Tangled in Sexual Relationship.

We know that it takes two to tango, so it is when it comes to mating. However, some ladies have had reasons to complain about their bodies been violated at one point in time. They necessarily didn’t use the word ‘rape’ although that’s what it should be called but viewed it as taking out of context the general belief that ‘a woman’s no is a actually a yes’. And believe, she wants it the hard way, putting up a fight being a turn on.

It’s a shame that men are using that as an excuse to molest their girlfriends, fiancĂ© what have you that haven’t realise how valuable it is to stick to no vows, no sex. Without a second thought they find themselves in a sexually tangled relationship which tango tune they really do not want to dance to but lack the will power to express how they feel.

It is more difficult to break free so, avoid putting yourself in such situation as a lady especially if you do not want the emotional drama that comes with sexual immorality. You do know you’ll be the one to bore most of the shame and pain if anything goes wrong. Example, you get pregnant and he’s not ready to have a family yet, you risk your life to get an abortion(s). That won’t be a determinate he’d marry you tomorrow neither will been a baby mama to him. So, why put so much at stake for a future you can’t be certain of?
For those that still care to preserve the sanctity of no vows, no sex, you’ll need to protect ‘YOU’ now. You need not wait to find yourself in a difficult situation by setting boundaries such as follows:
1) There should be no behind closed doors, hush discussion. You need to limit the ‘alone time together’ especially with a man you’re attracted to or dating. Remember the saying “trouble dey sleep, yagaa go wake am?” I want to believe as a lady, you know when you’re sexually tuned to a man or man is into you with the deepened baritone to lure, the batting eyes which could be an unconscious act but not a harmless signal of willingness will occurred when a charged atmosphere is created as a result of privacy.
2) Refrain from tickling, back rubs, cuddling or any form of intimate touch. You don’t play with fire and don’t intend to get burnt.
3) Definitely, no sharing of bed and refrain from flirting.
4) Don’t discuss sex or your relationship at night. Too many people are guilty of this and someone is probably asking “what are you talking about?” the thing is, you’re more vulnerable, relaxed at night hours and not to mention been sleepy. You don’t need me to tell how arousing your sleepy voice could be ehen?  Such times you’re prone to say things you won’t say when talking at any other time of the day. So, keep the sex talk for the waking hours with a clear and reasonable head.
5) Dear Christian, I know we’ve got to pray but one-on-one prayer time if it is not in the church should be avoided because it fosters strong emotional intimacy.
In it all be realistic and don’t forget you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve and be treated right. Besides why hide to eat a piece of cake when patience will fetch you the whole cake to ravish after paying for it?
Re-evaluate yourself if you ever find yourself in such difficult situation. If it is against your will and you truly mean the ‘no’ say it and take steps to make it sink into his head. And never forget to tap into grace at all time; virtue is always made available when you do 2 Corinthians 12:9.


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