Saturday, November 26, 2016

Where should the Flame of Cheating Blame go?

The epidemic of infidelity in relationships has truly eaten deep into many homes and motivational speaker, Perseverance Chamunokara shared a post on her Facebookpage (photo above) to sensitise women with focus on single ladies and wrote “EVERY WOMAN DESERVES TO BE WITH HER OWN MAN.  NEVER DESIRE A MAN WHO IS TAKEN, LET HIM KEEP HIS COMMITMENT TO THE ONE HE CHOSE TO MARRY AND WAIT PATIENTLY FOR YOUR OWN TO FIND YOU!” But her followers defied and chose to apportion the blame to everyone. Read their responses after the cut  

“These campaigns have always failed because you address the wrong people. Address the married men. They are the ones who are very married and going after single women. Society keeps turning a blind eye to what married men are doing and speaking to single women. Your message should have been "every married man needs to stay faithful to his own woman. Never desire a single woman who is not married. Desire your God given wife. Married men, keep your own commitment to the one you chose to marry and stop searching around for single women." You talk about men like they are powerless and they can't make a commitment to stay faithful to their wives.

 I think alot of married women have to start doing things sufficiently for their married men for them not to cheat. I’ve noticed a change in a relationship after alot of women get married, just because a man put a ring on it, it doesn’t mean you have to be a boring old wife. You have to keep the fire burning. Both in the morning, don’t spend all day in a hair net, dress up, geez wear a bra round the house, go out with your man, keep your body intact, stop nagging all the time, give him sex whenever wherever, and stop treating the kids like they the only ones in the house...a man is just an over grown baby that also wants tender love and affection. If you think your job as a married women is just bearing babies, and cooking food you’re mistaken. Say ‘I love you, give him kisses, hold his hand. Many just wither away because they’re married. Stop blaming other women for chasing your husband away. And sometimes the other women actually save that man from abandoning you completely. I’m not saying it’s right for him to cheat, or for her to cheat with him. I’m saying look at that woman in the mirror".
A portion of the blame goes to everyone and I pray single ladies will be able to yield to the above advice, the men to learn to be faithful and women to be wise to handle her home well.


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