Saturday, November 05, 2016

Which of these Men Actions Deserve a Kiss or Hiss?

I’d like us to loosen up a little with this post today. We do know men have their different ways of expressing their feelings or the deep one called ‘love’ towards the lady in their lives. So let’s view which of these men’s action you will give a kiss or hiss to. We don’t want to look at the extreme kindness or badness. But some dicing circumstances. Here we go!

1) A man goes out with his lady and her friends and gets the door and chair for his lady but refused to do same for her friends. Kiss or hiss?

2) He doesn’t use the three letter words ‘I love you’ but goes out of his way to make sure his lady lacks nothing. Kiss or hiss?
3) Gives her an animal as a gift. It doesn’t matter if he had to go hunt for some grass cutter or antelope as seen in Nollywood movies or give a cute fluffy puppy. A kiss or hiss?
4) Breaks up with his lady to date her friend with a compensation of a car and a well established business. A kiss or hiss?
5) Raises his hand to slap his lady but stopped just in time. A kiss or hiss?
6) Compliments his lady outlandishly in public but never in private. A Kiss or hiss?
7) He doesn’t keep in touch or call regularly but never forgets to make the special moments count such as birthdays, valentine’s days etc. A kiss or hiss?
Alright what’s it going to be? A kiss or hiss?


1 comment:

  1. Long hiss for 5 what if he is not able 2 stop himself next time? 1, 3, 7 kiss