Sunday, December 04, 2016

A Piece for my Heart’s Peace - 8

Last week on A piece for my heart's peace click here. I’ve had a hard time settling for the topic to give my mind peace because too many are warring to be talked about. As I am writing, I’m not even convinced this should be the angle to view today all the same I’ve got to seek for some peace.

Time after time, there has been some memes about the ‘youths are the leaders of tomorrow’. However, it’s sad because that’s not the present situation in our society. Let’s take a cue from this man, Cyril Stober in this photo;

who has been in NTA  for decades yet, there are young ones getting out of the higher institution every day. Of course! It is very easy to blame the elders, the government and everyone and thing and probably with the exception of the youths.

But I am forced to ask ‘how can the youths become leaders when what they are best at leading is immorality?’ there’s so much about the western culture that has poisoned the mind of many, all they care about or think of is what will bring them pleasure.
You want to be heard and given a chance, show the elders you’re worth trusting with the next generation because they have failed with the present one. I hope you don’t ask how? If you do; you should know one of the greatest qualities of leadership is based on ‘morals’. Which is rare to find among the past and worse in this present generation.
The child of yesterday, the youth of today that wants to lead tomorrow must be principled enough not to allow his or her parents to pay for malpractice but study hard to excel; not to cram just to past exam but to learn and accumulate practicable knowledge; not to be half naked but well dressed to be properly addressed etc.... because leadership is hard work and means giving up on what the ordinary man perceives as rights and they will be no different if they continue in the ways they’re or have been trained.
However, it is not an excuse to keep been a failure. You know what’s moral and immoral. Be ready to unlearn starting with the act of being right on time (punctuality not Africa time). And if late for a good reason, apologise for it. This is the easiest way to learn to keep to your words. The right time should be able to gear you to doing the right things well.
Besides, the youths must be willing to show they are different and ready to better the society. Have you held a youth being asked ‘what will he do if he gets the opportunity to be in government? I have and the answer is “I will steal my own too”. So, how can the youths lead when it is to exhibit the same or worse attitude towards the masses?
So, for the youths to be able to lead, they have to develop politics that is solid and be willing to make scarifies to fight for a good course or principle. This can only be possible when the youths realise the need to create a better community (country) for the young ones and make it a passion fusing their identity to it and develop the discipline of an anchorite.


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