Monday, December 19, 2016

Destiny! Decision!! Direction!!!

I still got my focus on Olivier Kizika life transforming words. You will gain by liking his page on Facebook, just click here. This particular post is what I can presently relate with, actually the reason for my inconsistence here lately. And I intend to build on it from my personal experiences. A bit of bringing out the skeleton from the cupboard. Hey! Not to worry, I will hold on until some flesh and life can be breathed into it during exposure just so you may God has made you and I a miracle Ezekiel 37:4. Read post after the cut.

“There are decisions that you'd never take under "normal circumstances". These decisions are so crucial to your destiny that God would have to create uncomfortable situations to push you into it.

The Apostles became so comfortable in Jerusalem that they almost forgot about the mission of reaching the world with the gospel, until God allowed persecution for them to scatter around the globe with the message.
Not all uncomfortable situations are from the devil. We are stubborn by nature, so if God can't lead you through conviction, he will lead through constraint.
There is someone he wants you to marry but you have to be rejected first by a whole list of suitors to create the right condition for you to accept the right one.
Some of you, you could have never dreamed of going to live in that country, but you did because conditions became so unbearable at home. Now, you found yourself at the place of your destiny.
Rejection contributes to direction for those who are lead by God. You were fired because in the comfort of your job you could have never had the courage to resign and start a business. Now you have a business and you are prospering.
It seems like God has to force us into our destinies through painful situations sometimes. Your destiny is so great that you might miss it if you are too comfortable in your present condition.
Joseph's trip to Egypt was paid for by his enemies. God never says "safe journey", he only promises that you will arrive safely. Get ready for your destiny! What is happening is not what is going on...! You will get there no matter how it looks like!
I hope I get a thank you from you for directing your focus to this too. Many blessings!


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