Thursday, December 15, 2016

Five Suggestive Way to Pick Up after a Break Up.

It is not always to pick up after a break up especially, if you’d put everything into the relationship. The pain could be emotional, physical and even spiritually felt. So, I hope these five suggestions will help mellow down the pain.

1) Cry: Yes Cry! The easiest if not the only way to show pain is through tears so cry. Let out all of the pent up emotions. That should help calm or cool you down when you but all spent.
2) Clean: It doesn’t matter if your house is pristine, just do some clean up, it’ll help clear your head. As you wipe the dirt, it’d be like wiping your pains away.
3) Sing: Singing is one way we express our feelings. And if you can express it, you won’t repress it and certainly won’t get depressed.
4) Breathe: Take some time to breathe because there are people who believe after a break up, you should jump into another relationship to help you get over it. Well, I’d suggest you breathe and analyse what led to the break so that you could learn if you had made a mistake.
5) Make up: You might not be able to make up with your partner but certainly you should make up with yourself. There were things you’d have done but stopped yourself short because of your relationship, get to do them. Especially, if you’re one of those that forgot their love for God. Everything that could possibly make you happy should be your top priority.
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All the best and love you.


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