Friday, December 02, 2016

Friday Series: An Hat for the Heart why?

Why is it important to protect the heart especially when it involves the relationship we keep?

 1) It lacks the ability to be firm and reasonable when it comes to emotional issues. Hence, you get to hear these days advice such as; 'don’t fall in love with your heart nut with your head'.
2) It is expected to be tender and unable to withstand hurting another human. Have you ever been asked or had a course to ask someone “do you have a heart?” that question usually comes up when one is inflicting pain on others.
3) It easily gets attached. Sometimes we want to let go of past relationship but the heart won’t just let it happen easily. 
4) It can easily transfer emotions. Have you ever be in a position to ask “why am I paying for someone else’s sin?” This question could come when one’s partner is treating you base on fear or any pent up emotion from past relationship (s).
5) It can easily be broken or hurt. It is usually the bank of feelings and all manners of emotion. Hence, you hear people request from those they love or care about not to break their heart.
So, just before you attach body organs (heart) to any relationship be sure it will be kept safe and not be manipulated. And just before you accept the offering be sure you’ll willing to make the scarifies to make the sound of the beat steady and peaceful.
Have a beautiful weekend folks and you do know I love you and appreciate your time here. Please be kind to keep keeping our nation in your prayers. Many blessings!


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