Friday, December 16, 2016

Friday Series: When the Ship do not Sail in Relationship.

Last week on Friday Series click here. Can you relate in some way? I don't know if I or African women having issues can be bold enough to talk and spread it out there so that others won't get to walk in their steps. Identity wouldn't be shared by anyone I believe it'll be just the story. The muteness is the reason many are silently suffering.

Have you ever wondered why ship is a suffix to relation? Well, I just did and realise it couldn't be any other suffix because a ship do not sail with no direction. And the captain puts in his/her best to weather through storm if there's any on the way. At arrival at destination, it ANCHOR. If you're not the anchor, it'll sure keep sailing. Hope you know, "you don't die if you fall on water but drown if you refuse or do not know how to swim out?" Seek help and have a great weekend all!

Photo Credit: Brandon Stanton @humanofny


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