Thursday, December 01, 2016

Happy New Month! Let Go!! Get Fresh and Colourful!!!

The balling and rolling month is here and of course, there’s the change in the air that smells of celebration (Christmas). Well, I hope we don’t get to lose the reason for the season in the process. Always keep in mind what and why you’re celebrating. The birth of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. Help spread the gist too.

Also, find how to let go and get fresh with this video to see the year ending on a brighter note.
 And yeah,  let me share something that's a bit not me but all of me. It can't always be about the boobs and buttocks you know *winks*. Meet the lady whose cheekbones need no contouring or aligning by cosmetologists. Prominent and got no chill for the heat #MyCheekbonesAreHotterThanYours #Yougotitbeatthat #Godoverall.
Hmm! That moment when you get all weird on and by yourself. I guess I got bitten by season bug but not losing the reason for it. So, I've got to crown it all with 'Jesus keep taking the lead in this walk with you, makes the journey bright and beautiful even on a supposed gloomy day'. Happy New Month and compliment of the season.


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