Monday, December 19, 2016

The Aftermath of a Math Answer.

In solving or marking a mathematical problem if you went through the four walls of a secondary school you’ll understand the answer is the lest concern of the marker. One is usually scored base on the various steps which show a clear working at arriving at the gotten answer to the problem.

There are cases where by the answer ends up as another problem to solve too (photo above). Not to mention the cases where answer is given but to figure out the problem. E.g. a + 3 = 5 what is a?
So it is with the quest of a man in attaining success because he will need to maintain what he has attained. If he worked hard to arrive at success destination, he will need to work harder to remain or grow higher. Hence, the answer to the math ends up posing a greater challenge.
Basically, a man’s existence is a math with answers that seek answer. An endless provision of solution to attain, maintain and sustain any attainment.
Have it in mind arriving at your desire destination doesn’t bring the journey to an end. Rather, it is the beginning of another journey entirely.
If you’re able to prepare today to succeed tomorrow be ready to exceed your success inorder not to be relegated to the background because you couldn’t proceed further by being uniquely and creatively productive.
How? Olivier Kizika suggestive life transforming words should show the how
"1. Don't be a copy, be original. Celebrate your uniqueness. Become the best of you. Grow and transform into the best of you.
2. By trying to be everything you end being nothing. Imitation is a quick way to lose yourself.
3. Trying hard to impress is an attempt to compensate on an emptiness inside.
4. When you don't know who you are, you will either settle for people's opinion about you or fight your whole life for recognition.
5. Don't use big known names to attract value to what you offer. So and so we know, but who are you? These days "I am the son of..." has become a password for validation in ministry. Be you!
6. Our purpose in life is not to impress but to inspire. Borrowed names impress, but it is your true story and journey that inspire. Be you!
7. Everyone wants to associate with success, even people who occasionally greeted you in the past would claim they grew up with you and they know you very well. Don't hang on someone's success, chart your own path. Only original satisfies. Only original keeps the promise of quality. Only original is enjoyable! Be you!"

Have fruits bearing day and week.


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