Saturday, December 03, 2016

The Rat to Bell the Cat....

The enmity between the cat and the rat is natural and part of their existence. This was cleverly depicted in the popular cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry’. And I remember as a little girl I was told and maybe you were told too of the rats’ unsuccessful need to bell the cat to know whenever it’s close to anyone of them. Also, there are indigenous songs centred on this story. Let me share it with you and throw more light on it. It is titled “Who will bell the cat?”

A family of mice, living happily in a house gathered, worried over the threat of death hanging over their heads by the owner’s new cat. They asked what could be done not to be killed. Many gave different unacceptable suggestions until one suggested that should get a bell and put it on the cat's neck. So that, whenever the cat is coming, they hear the sound of the bell and go into hiding.
Everyone was glad and quickly they decided to buy the bell. However, the joy was cut short when one raised the question “who will bell the cat?” after the bell has been purchased. Of course, they know whoever gets close to the cat will not live to tell the story. And none was ready to be the one. After pointing fingers at each other and everyone refused, the suggestion again became unacceptable and the rats continued to live at the mercy of the cat...... However, the story has not ended because over the years it has been developed and midified. But we will look at it from this angel today and tomorrow the addition.
Assuming this was a group of humans facing a death threat will anyone be willing to make scarifies to probably save thousands of others? That’s exactly what Dr Stella Adadevoh did to help curb the wider spread of the deadly Ebola virus despite pressure from Liberian Government.
Hmm! I chose not to start the example with our Lord Jesus Christ so that you don’t get to say that’s supernatural. However, you must be reminder He came in the physical (natural) human form to pay the price for our sins. His birth is the reason for this season. Get not to forget that as you celebrate Christmas.
Once again, season greetings!


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