Saturday, December 17, 2016

When Habits are Offbeat.

That awkward moment when you’re expected to laugh but burst into a crying fit; when you get angry over little things but laugh over hurtful incidents. You seem odd and out of place in the midst of others. People are technically afraid to joke with you because of your off beat habit that’s completely out of tune.

Such out of tune habits could occur or developed as a result of absentmindedness. You’re bodily present in a place but your mind has visited or is visiting different places that are pleasant or unpleasant. Your reaction will be base on your mind focus which will have nothing to do with what’s happening or presently been said. Simply, if your mind is focused on an unpleasant incident, your reaction will be based on that even if the present situation is pleasant. So, when you find yourself with offbeat habit there’s one thing you should learn to do:
Did you know scientifically, the mind travels faster than the speed of light? So, if your mind must wander, don’t let it stay there. Gather what you need from your wonder or wander land and recycle to make useful in the here and now. If it is not relative or useful, discard it. In which case be conscious of your thoughts because of its quick ability to stray away from you. And the subconscious usually do not align with one’s conscious state.
The sub conscious could be in a dreamy state which is probably about everything or anything that has filled or filling your mind, which is necessarily not the reality. So, unless you’re asleep focus your mind on present occurrences because you can only be understood by your respond to the here and now and not there or before or after. No one sees the happenings in your mind but certainly your reaction is what they can respond to.
If you can’t keep your mind focus, remember to recycle, love you.


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