Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Yay or Nay to these?

There are things we see in this country that should deepen the need for us to keep this nation in our prayers. And it is not about wishing to escape to some other country because it could be worse and don’t forget the grass isn’t greener on the other side anymore. It is where it is watered.
A little boy on a week day busy on the street wiping screen of cars which some of the owners refuse to pay for as I watch instead of being in school. There were many others that are younger than the boy in the photo.
A trunk with the hinges of the door off yet been driven on the high way. I sure don’t want to imagine what could happen if the door was to suddenly open on the busy Lagos-Ibadan express way. I was so glad when we overtook it
A pregnant woman, whose outfit kept making everyone in the bank to hiss today, it does look better with her standing than when she’s walking.
An example of the long queue you find at various ATM stand in different part of Delta and Edo state. Don’t know if it is this difficult to withdraw money in other states too.

This information isn’t shared to entertain but enlighten you of how much your country needs you to keep interceding for her growth and development. Because a growing nation is a peaceful one Psalm 122:6.

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