Sunday, January 08, 2017

A Piece for my Heart's Peace - 9

The earlier the realization that modernization/civilization is grossly misinterpreted/misrepresented by this present generation, the easier it'll be for the actualisation of some level of morality as time ticks on.

Besides, the fact that it is modern, it doesn't make it right or suitable for every one. Neither should it overshadow the valuable aspect of our culture. That which defines who we are: the tribe, country, continent and sets us apart.

Do not forget, without the root a tree cannot grow to have branches. Hence, the sustainability of the tree is completely dependent on the root and fertility of the soil. 

Our culture; the root of our identity is today loosing its value because the branches have misplaced their responsibility in its sustainability. Take a cue from this 49 seconds video

Of course! You should know if the branches of a tree are cut off but the root is still buried deep in the ground; the tree will survive and new branches will grow. But if the tree is uprooted, it means the deadness of it.

However, no mistaking; not all aspect of our culture is of value in living a reformed and transformed life in this present age but that shouldn't be an excuse to discard what truly defines us. The only way to reduce or put an end to moral decadence is to sustain our values through practice.


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  1. Unfortunately, our present day youths have so embressed the western culture, especially the negetive ones...