Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hello! Let's get to Assess Success.

SUCCESS is huge in concept, but very minute in definition.

In concept, SUCCESS is highly subjective - subjective to PURPOSE and ASSIGNMENT.

Based on PURPOSE, success is delivering expressly and effectively that which an item or an individual was created for in the mind of its/his/her creator or inventor.

Success, based on assignment, is simply doing what one is asked to do. Period!

It's the reason behind new car models et al New phone models, app updates, site upgrades,  rebrands, etc.

A person/item is successful when he/she/it does that which is demanded.

So when a network service provider promises me fast and unlimited but expensive data, and deliver it, that's success!

Or when I dial a number on my updated Whatsapp and expect a video call option but didn't get it because it's a BlackBerry phone, that's disaster brewing lol!

Well, to keep it "human", a successful life is a life lived out fulfilling its purpose.

While successful living, or success in everyday life, is simply doing what one is asked to do.

A big question here though is, "Who bosses you around on your success journey?"

You? God? Your boss? Your spouse? Your need to impress/express? Your darkest secrets?

If you can answer that, you'd be sure to be a success story tomorrow.


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  1. Impactful piece...always on point, i just hope my success story will be shared on your blog someday, God is my boss oooo