Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Might be some Random Seldom Words..... huh?

On Heart Issues Series (HIS) today: A broken vessel do not mend itself so it is with any individual suffering emotionally. Especially with a broken heart. They need someone to help them pick up the pieces. It is not necessarily one of the opposite sex. It could be a friend, family member, psychologist anyone that can be trusted and whose shoulder is strong enough to be leaned on. 

Also, when a vessel has been mended, it is handled with much better care because another fall could be fatal. So is the heart that has been severly hurt. Now, I am not talking about 'chewing gum' love being shared for the gain or profiting of individuals but the true love that takes the sacrificial form.

Many people might doubt this but alot of relationship today are formed on past or generalize judgement. Hence, genuine feelings are buried under the layers of bruises turned scare. That could serve as constant reminder. It takes only the brave to smile through/about it.

Honestly, people don't understand how dangerous it is to break or be broken, despite reading stories of how some individuals succumbed to separation in suicide/murder. Yet, for selfish reasons others still toll with peoples feelings.

Well, the smooth existence of every being lies with emotions. Even the animals are said to be on heat and aggressive when they need to mate. When that is trampled with, the individual could become unsettled and loving even the Lord becomes a difficult task. 

Too long a post now yet it is randomise from different angle however, let me just about find a ending for today.
So when next you think to break someone's heart unavoidably: Be respectful, appreciative and on a friendly note.

If you get yours broken, reach out to someone. Don't try to do the mending all by yourself and if you feel far to/from God, then you don't know the half of it because all things work together for your good Romans 8:28 and He's there waiting for your outstretched hand. If you let go of that you're holding onto He'll pull you out and up......


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