Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Piece for my Heart's Peace - 11.

Previously on A Piece for my Heart's Peace click here. Sometime ago, an upcoming secular music artist faked his death so that his fame could spread within the nation and probably abroad/promote his songs. And I wondered what act of madness could that be? Little did I know I will be jolted out of my wonderment with the realisation of how much people tend to celebrate the dead.

This was so rightly displayed on my Facebook timeline and all over the social media/network recently when an old school mate died. Of course, if you're reading this, you should have read or heard about his death, Eric Arubayi.

Over the years, even after his excellent performance at the West Africa Idols, I haven't seen anyone share his songs, pictures or anything relative to him, if i remember correctly to celebrate how much he is impacting their lives on my timeline. Not even during special moments like the birthdays, anniversary etc.

However, at his death, many including celebrities of high caliber are busy celebrating how much he was impacting their lives. My timeline is still been flooded with write ups about his excellent achievement on earth after many days of his death.

Sad! As much as this feels good, he won't get to read or hear any of it. And if all of that could bring him back he'd have risen within seconds of his death.

This made me remember the story of a very aged woman who asked her children to celebrate her burial and say all the sweet words to her while she was still alive because she wanted to know how it feels been celebrated before her death.

What am I about with this? We need each other support and it's always nice to read or hear nice words written or spoken about us/a person. Lets not wait for death to be the catalyst to doing that but let life propel us in supporting each other and being a ladder to climb onto the next great height.

Another of my school mate wrote "it'll be nice if friends could truly support each other". That includes those words and visits of encouragement. Again, don't wait so that you don't wish you have said those things when it is too late to.

From this incident learn to:
1) Show love and let those that impacts your life know how much they mean to you. It doesn't matter if it is on or out of social media or you don't get to meet one on one. Don't wait to put one's picture up after they've departed but celebrate life and the living.
2) Always pray for the well being of those that matters to you
3) Do not look down on another efforts unless you're willing to help them do better. And be kind to correct them if they are doing wrong or not well enough and pray the holy spirit gives them understanding.

To Eric Arubayi, may you find rest in the Lord's bossom in Jesus name!  Amen!!

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