Friday, February 10, 2017

Do not let the Quest for 'more' get the People to 'mourn'.

The dirt that flows in the river have no direction of its own. It goes wherever the current takes and deposits it. So it is in a world where greed becomes the propelling force. The people have no direction of their own but wherever the insatiable taste to acquire more takes them. Even when it leads to the world having to mourn.

Riches or wealth is never about how much you've or will acquire and keep/kept safe or locked away but how much you've given and will give to impact the lives of others Proverbs 11:24 and yes! It can't always be about money or material possession but even knowledge and power. 

No one will know you have the answer to a question unless you speak up/out. Who dare be the voice of the people? Becomes the walk on coal of fire question. Besides why do you think we have sycophants?

However, we are here and must learn to be 

1) Weighty: if you throw any light object into the river, it will float and flow away but throw an object that has weight, it'll sink. And you'll find it whenever you return to dive for it, in that same position you threw it. Develop good principles with weight. So that you can't be a push around/over. Be firm and hold your ground for what is just.

2) Transparent: look into the water, it is so transparent, you'll see yourself as if you're looking into a mirror. Let your actions reflect who you are.

3) Add depth: the river gets deeper as you walk into it. And the current gets stronger too. This you know, so you don't judge the depth by the level of water at the river bank. So add depth, it'll make you stronger to deal with life circumstances and over that which common men are giving in to. 

Don't let the quest for 'more' get the world to mourn.


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