Monday, February 13, 2017

Race to Face that ...... Challenge.

Someone once wrote these words "the only regret I have is of the battles I shouldn't have turned away from". Too many times battles are to rattle us into discovering and becoming the person we were met to be. If you don't fight for it, it can't become your right.

It doesn't matter if there are great walls, what matters is that; every wall is liable to fall when the right force is applied. Ask the Jericho citizens if you doubt it in  Joshua 6. Overcoming your challenge(s) is not dependent on how long you wait for it to go away but how hard you fight to overcome.

When you brace up to face your challenge you'll realise;

1) Being hard or difficult, doesn't make it impossible

2) Being so high doesn't mean it can't be brought down.

3) Being so secured doesn't mean there's no loop hole.

4) Being so tight doesn't mean it can't be loosed.

5) Being closed doesn't mean it can't be opened.

6) Being sealed doesn't mean it can't be ripped apart.

7) Being down doesn't mean you can't rise.

And so on and so forth.

Basically, there's always something to deal with in life. If not now then later. You just know how to hold it together in the tough times like David did. When you chose to run away, you'll only get run down. So;

Be bold and hold your ground or brace up and race to face whatever is keeping you from living. I sure need to remind you of David again in 1 Samuel 17.

Hiding from your challenge won't make it go away, David knew this and did what the host of the Israelites army couldn't do. Of course I won't forget he knew the Lord was backing him hence, he wasn't afraid of what was confronting him.

Make a choice to rejoice in your victory by racing to face that challenge. It is never impossible.


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